F1 2015 Review

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F1 2015 is a racing game based on the Formula One season developed by Codemasters. F1 2015 so far the best game with Formula 1! The essence of sport is affected by a millimeter, you are a driver, you have a technique, you have engineers on a pit lane, you have speed. Codemasters has released absolutely everything he could from the 2015 edition.

There were only four game modes available (plus online multiplayer), the local multiplayer was thrown out.
There are two types of championships, classic and professional, a fast-paced ride where a player competes against online runners, or Quick Race mode, where he is allowed to create custom champions that will consist of an arbitrary number of races.
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The pro campaign, on the other hand, is intended for the heaviest fans of Formula 1 because here you drive at the most difficult level without the ability to turn on the aids, with a view of the path from the cockpit (no, it can not be changed). To make things even more interesting, you do not have the help of external aids, maps, and other tugs, and you’re left with what you see on the steering wheel of your car.

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You can try the classic championship. You go by choosing one of the teams (the roster is complete), and then the driver in whose fireproof comb you will jump. You are going to race on the race, collect points and try to finish the season at the end of the season in front of all other riders.
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Now it is no longer enough to jump into the car, squeeze gas, and turn the circles deliberately to win, the thing is much, much more complex. You will need to carefully listen to the advice of your engineer and make “on-the-fly” adjustments to keep you in the race.

For example, it will often be necessary to change the braking balance or to select a different fuel mix to meet the demands of the race. All of this is done manually, as a real Formula One driver. With your team you can sketch out which tires you want to use in the next level and even announce to the box to get into the round.
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With the engineer you can literally speak! Thanks to the Voice Recognition Engineer, you can contact up to 25 different requests. PC players do not have voice recognition support. The races have been simulated realistically, starting from the unstoppable battle for the position, through changing weather conditions, to fatal collisions, various tactics and mechanical failures.

F1 2015 is a goddess tough game, especially if you choose to play Hard and High Levels (AI). Bolidi is extremely difficult to control when driving aids, but balance can be regained by adjusting the car in the box and finding the appropriate setup for each race.

F1 has superb graphics and fluent framerate, carriages look like real-time, track-going objects are highly modeled, team crew members are captured by motion capture technique, speed sensation is what’s really realistic.

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