FIFA 16 Review

review fifa 16

FIFA 16 Review

FIFA 16 on the PC really works better than PES 2016, it looks nicer, offers more content, the feeling during the game is better …, it should be noted that FIFA 16 is identical to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Only versions for the past-gen console are different. Reactions of players, additions, way of building actions, performance of shots and other elements of the football game as if they were mapped from FIFA 15.

We could not conclude that there are any improvements at the technical level. The authors have almost completely changed the gaming system, and if you want to be successful, you will have to throw yourself into learning new principles. Having put the accent on the game in the attack last year, it was now logical to them that the field of interest slipped to the defense and midfield.
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In fact, in order for you to be successful in the new FIFA you will have to think team, because the team keeps your back, the team thinks about you and you are just a screw in a well-oiled machine. All this sounds great in theory, but in practice it’s far from reality. Players behave like disoriented puppets when they come out on the field. AI keeps the ball for too long and at higher levels of difficulty it seems impossible to take it away.

Some aggressive defense techniques have become unusable, now the focus is on the defensive team. After sliding starts, players are quicker to get off the field, they are more effectively blocked and easier to scuffle the opponent’s ball. There are as many as 25 new defense techniques available that you will have to train in order to easily pass alongside the opponents defense players.
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The player who escaped is allowed to push from the back or catch him for the jersey and thus make a mistake. The authors have almost completely changed the gameplay system and if you want to be successful, you’ll have to drop into learning new attack and defense techniques. When you finally find a successful formula for blocking opponent strikers, you take away the ball and attack, the whole new terrain will be waiting for you.

She can not be skipped now, because without her participation in the campaign there is no chance against the opponent’s goal. Defensive players will be tired and everything just is not fresh when the ball is taken from his chess to the other half of the court. That’s why the environment is important, and here your nerves will train their latency. Adding to the left, adding to the right and to the opponent’s goal.
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Players playing in the attack still do not react as they should. Taking the goal goes slowly, and holes in the field through which you can strike the ball open very rarely. Mastering the technique requires spending much more free time. AI keeps the ball well, but it’s very easy and takes away, so the opportunity for the attack needs to be taken advantage of.

In matches against friends who do not know how to compute computers to add, the embedded techniques do not look so bad, especially because they are responsible for giving equal opportunities to both sides. The models of the players are excellent, as well as animation, the audience is alive and actively participating in the matches, the presentation is top-notch. FIFA 16 has 30 leagues, over 650 teams and even 78 stadiums, all licensed and realistic.

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