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Final Fantasy Type-0 is a great action game featured in the Final Fantasy universe. Type-0 is located in the Orient, a continent divided into four states according to the division of heavenly calendars in Chinese mythology into four groups. The story starts at the moment when the emperor Belo’s tiger, which symbolizes autumn, invades the neighboring republic of Red Birds with the help of subconscious beings known as l’Cie.

In times of general disruption, Red Bird leaders decide to activate the elite Class-0 military academy and send its members to a series of missions hopefully will reverse the course of the war conflict. Class-0 makes fourteen spiky teenage hairstyles, suddenly affected by the feverish war, whose tragic destiny and complicated interpersonal relationships make up the core of this game.
great action in the Final Fantasy universe
That is why, like an omnibus movie, Type-0 does not have the main hero, but that burden equals all fourteen characters. Type-0 is a pure action game in which fighting runs smoothly, without any possibility of making a pause or even a strategic type, such as assigning targets to a particular character.

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The player takes a team of three cadets and can take full control of anyone at any time. Moreover, if any of the active members were thrown out of the machine during the fight, it is possible to instantly replace the substitute, as if nothing had happened. Game over plays only if the player loses all fourteen characters during a fight.
type-0 invades the neighboring republic of Red Birds
Each of the characters is equipped with unique weaponry and a set of skills and spells that can be developed, but only one of four types available is available, enabling easy, but effective control of all three characters in real time. Type-0 is a mission-based game.

After a regular briefing, the team is sent to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from scouting host cities to and / or cleaning them, to various subordinate tasks ranging from the simplest to complicated missions that include battles with epic bosses.
missions that include battles with epic bosses
The game gains the features of a real-time strategy when a player requests to command units of the Republican Army, moves them, or retracts, to take on individual strategic points on the map. The time between the main missions, which is always limited by a certain number of in-game hours, is played by the academy, polishing his skills, or on the field, doing tricky tasks for numerous NPCs.

Any action made during this period, including the most common conversation with the NPC, changes the internal clock of the game for a number of hours, which means that the player puts himself in front of the dilemma of working in free time, as the number of possible actions is considerably greater than the time Which is available between the missions. In this way, partial delineation of the game was achieved.

Square Enix has taken the right move, the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 is undoubtedly a brilliant idea to re-emerge for a shaky confidence in recent years.

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