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Frozen Cortex is somewhat like a tactical Rollerball or Speedball 2 in a moveable shape. The game is played by two teams of five robots in the field of basketball court size and the goal is, as one can assume, “rolling” the ball into the opposing goal area.

At the very beginning of the match, the team whose player is closest to the ball begins an attack. Once a robot gets into the ball, there are only two options for further advancement – running to the ball or adding a ball to a player, noting that backwards is not allowed.
Planning an attack strategy
The classic touchdown known from American football brings seven points, while spinning through the “base” scattered on the field brings two additional points. The terrain itself is scattered with barriers that can not be skipped, but they have to be overcome, and no overtakes can be made by switching the ball.

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Defensive players control the space in their immediate vicinity and in case they remain static during the move, they block the attacker trying to pass through their zone. In addition to the basic moves, defensive and add-in controls, players can issue a command to wait in the scene before they move on to the next move, opening the door for a series of advanced and complex actions.
A player runs the field
The total number of moves per match is limited so you do not have to get too far off with walking on the field. Imagine playing a chess against a vicious opponent and instead imagining in your head all the possible moves that he might possibly retreat to, you can also directly move his figures on the table.

Only when you activate a button with the “prime” sign will make the commands actually execute, and then the look at the game from a strategic perspective is shifted into action: watching every carefully planned move in the sports TV broadcast is a pleasure.
execution of attacks on opponents
From the modes, there is a knockout league that implies falling out of the first defeat competition, the Global Cortex League, which is a variation on the subject, only with a longer duration and eventually randomized league. Before the start of the league’s competition on the player is to compile a team, the player can change the names of the team and the robot, look at the stadium and coaches, sports equipment and much more.

Frozen Cortex is a turn-based game, but waiting for an opposing move is to get stuck. Despite the tactical mechanics, the matches are too short. There are no words of praise for adequately describing the quality of the music pod. Frozen Cortex is a fine proof that even independent teams can create a visually appealing title.

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