Game for kids Donald Duck’s Playground

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Game for kids Donald Duck’s Playground

The highest quality transition in the video game of all Disney characters went to Donald Duck.

The reason for this is a remarkable concept that a number of different topics combined into a compact unit and especially suitable for children because of its totally unobtrusive, a strong educational character. The publishing house believes that this game, better than some professional software, developing a range of intellectual and motor characteristics in children.

On the other hand, is challenging enough that I give older players a healthy dose of fun. Donald the game must earn money to Raji, Gaji I Vlaji provided enough gadgets in the playground. The money will earn by passing packages to the airport, arranging fruit in boxes, controlled by rail or by placing figurines.

Toys buys from Goofy, Mickey and Mini. In the end, toys will be distributed at the playground, where I can have fun to the full. The game is rich with small details that will keep you hours of screen. Definitely will win you the way Donald looks from side to side when you need to cross the tracks, and then ran to the playground.

The train that occasionally passes through the town was used in one of the jobs so that when passing has shaken figurines on the shelf and crash them. It’s like you’re really there, unlike most games where the feeling just is not there.

Donald Duck’s playground is a game that you have to try it honestly is recommended for the youngest children, although older I can very nice to have fun with it. This old game is refreshing in a sea of ​​games that are in the race for money kind of lost the original and primary purpose and that is pure fun.

If you want you can play online for free, simply search on google: “donald ducks playground”

See gameplay, once you begin to play the party has no end …

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