Game of Thrones A Telltale Games Series 1-6 Download

download game of thrones a telltale all series
Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series of episodic adventures from the universe “Songs of Ice and Fire” finally saw the light of the day. The focus of the story is, as we have said, the efforts of House Forester to keep his head above the water in turbulent times following the fall of the North under the shackles of Bolton’s treason house.

Inspiring Honorable and Destructively Prevented Foresters are quickly caught up in games and intricacies with characters who first draw daggers and swords and then talk. Faced with a seemingly extermination by the rival clan, Whitehill’s house, the player’s task will be to try to recover and save the house of Forester through the tracing of the fate of four characters and their companions until it is too late.
game of thrones games series 1-6 download
Rodrick’s task will be to keep the Whitehill home runners away in all possible ways, humiliating both the slaves and the rest of the family, delaying the right moment for the attack, calculating by making a fragile alliance through a marriage with old sympathy, and all the while keeping in mind of his youngest brother, whom the Wealthilians hold as hostages.

Download Game of Thrones A Telltale Games All Series
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The second segment deals with his sister Miro, who plays a risky dance of interests and electrification in the Royal Port, helping to help the family in the north, while taking care not to stand on the throats of Tirion, the new Queen Margory and the ice Sersea.
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Next is Asher, an expelled brother of a family who, after discovering the above-mentioned offenses, will try to obtain the appropriate military force in Esos, balancing between his loyalty to Beka’s escorts, Uncle Malcom and the inexorable demands of Queen Deneris.

The last one is Brendon Tatl, the shoemaker of the House of Foresters who is sent to join the Night Guard on the Wall, hiding the reasons for his true mission, which lies somewhere deep among the horrors of the North. Due to the very originality of the theme, the main quality of the game is a specific atmosphere that is almost constantly charged with uncertainty and tension, with a strong expectation that something seriously and badly will happen in the next few moments.
game of thrones games download + all series
Even the very decisions you make will create a sense of discomfort, because it will not be easy to estimate which of the offered options are less evil, and how they will emerge in the further course of the game.

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