Gears of War 4 Ultimate Orders on Amazon Delayed

delayed order on amazon gears of war 4
Amazon has informed buyers that their Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition orders were delayed, according to users on the Gears of War subredit.

The Ultimate Edition offers early access to the full game, which starts today, but some users are reporting they won’t receive their copy until Wednesday. Other users have said they’re being told their Ultimate Edition arrives on Monday, but since it’s Columbus Day, it’s likely it won’t come until Tuesday or later, effectively ruining the special edition’s early access bonus.

Reddit user Scullio says that they were told by an Amazon representative that they can ignore the email, as their copy is being sent today. Scullio and other users in a similar situation remain skeptical. Some customers have reported they’re cancelling their Amazon order and looking for the Ultimate Edition at other retailers like best buy. If you’re considering to do the same, you should make sure your local store has them in stock before cancelling your order.

We’ve contacted Amazon about the situation and will update this story as we receive more information.

In addition to four-days early access, the Ultimate Edition comes with a $50 season pass and bonuses such as weapon and character skins. The season pass includes the Vintage VIP Pack, access to a developer multiplayer playlist, and permanent access to 24 DLC maps, two new maps every month for a year. The DLC maps will be free to all players, though they’ll rotate in and out as time goes on. Gears of War’s website has more information on how this’ll work.

Gears of War 4 releases for everybody on October 11 for Xbox One and PC. It received a score of 7/10 in GameSpot’s review, which said:

he lackluster campaign and technical issues are blights on an otherwise exhilarating shooter.

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