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Guns, Gore & Cannoli looks like some beautifully drawn, carefully animated and politically absolutely inaccurate cartoon film on which you can run into a comedy center or adult swim. Stereotypes of Italians, Mafias, and Prohibition in the “Wild Twenties” mix with an inward and blood festival that is completely acceptable because, for the sake of destiny, they are foolish zombies that overwhelm the whole human being.

Commands have been resolved fairly, whether you decide on one of the two schemes on the keyboard or two jumbo. Vini moves left and right, jumps and dice, shuts obstacles, opponents and switches. Still, most important is the discharge of the extensive arsenal into the horde of zombies. Weapons include all the usual friends of the mafia, as well as some welcome surprises, especially since it is about taming the zombie.
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At your first place is your sunken semi-automatic Colt with an unlimited ammunition, followed by a classic like a two-barrel and Tommy Gun with a drummer, and then more modern things like a pumpkin, a magnum, a base or a flame thrower. There are also grenades or molotovlje cocktails.

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Various zombies with specific appearance and combat characteristics. Everything ranges from the typical slow walkers and crawlers that can not overcome the most basic obstacles, up to more types of ruthless runners, among which are the most desperate armored American football players. Next to zombies with different weapons whose fire you have to avoid and even fly opponents.
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There are special zombies that explode after you eliminate them or if they run out of thin air, spreading toxic toxins around them. If you carefully spend the bombs and ammunition of any weapon in the arsenal you will have no trouble avoiding the dangers and reach the next checkpoints on which you do not even automatically shoot the box with the chicken to supplement the health scale.

Even if you do not manage to survive a certain stage, you have endless lives to continue fighting the last car that will never go back for more than two or three minutes.
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As you level lower, the sounds that are typical of the twenties, first of all the jewels, but also the magic and the jolts, are shifted. Winesome commentaries while fighting with zombies often contain a direct quotation or paraphrase of cult replicas from famous movies, and from time to time you are encountering zombies that are directly inspired by a piece of pop culture.

After each level is waiting for you an animated film sequence in which Wine is happy with a new vibrant character, who helps you with personal gain, shakes a soldier refusing to withdraw from the position. A respectable detective who, even in the course of the invading zombies, hunts in sham and, of course, the pleaded mafias of different status and appearance, are part of the characters of this great zombie mafia sage.

It is possible to cooperate through a campaign for up to four players in the local network. Guns, Gore & Cannoli is a very good, fun little game that will scratch your face more frequently than you expected.

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