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Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is an extremely well-made, dynamic and, above all, very fun MOBA. Each MOBA has its own specifics, but in an ideal world, it should be a team game, teamwork and synergy between their active and passive skills.

This effectively means that HotS uncompromisingly puts the emphasis on team communication, common play, and meeting the specific goals of a particular map. Soling and budgeting your hero to become a hero and save the party, which is brought in a bad state due to the lack of team play, HotS is a thing of the past. Here the team either gets together or loses together.
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MOBA is opposed by two five-hero teams on maps where each team’s base is linked to the three tracks that wield the NPC mobs of each faction in the waves of the opponents. The goal is to break through the center of the opposing base and destroy the main building. HotS also uses the same basic idea, but experienced designers have refined the original DOTA concepts that most MOBA games adhere to.

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In HotS, each team has a common experience, and all five heroes will level at the same time when it is filled. There is no more gold or objects, but the further advancement and direction of the hero is performed through talents. Each hero, at specific levels between the first and the twentieth, has the ability to choose seven times one of four talents that may have an impact on his combat effect.
heroes of the storm download mac version
There are both passive bonuses and active skills that you can change the course of battle, each hero has several thousand potential talents. The best thing about talents is that there is no “ultimate” build for any hero, but this system allows us to adapt our hero to other team members and their capabilities.

If your team has a support for a hero that can lean, you will not choose all the talents that increase your survivability, but you can turn to the strength of an attack, mobility or team baf or de-baf. Every hero already has the first level at the first level with three abilities, so you are much more prepared for more serious clashes with the opposing team.
heroes of the storm download full pc version
In HotS, take familiar characters from all the popular games of this studio: StarCraft, Diablo and WarCraft, and there are the protagonists of the old-school platform Lost Vikings. At the moment, 40 heroes and HotS creators have divided them into four categories.

Warriors are classic mock-ups that absorb opposing strikes, fight chest and are best when they use their abilities to isolate the opposing heroes. The assassins, as their name suggests, are killers, little-known heroes who throw out damage to their opponents. Support the heroes lying and baking their team while slowing down, blocking or weakening the enemy.
heroes of the storm free download
The fourth categories are specialists, hybrid heroes with specific capabilities, and most often particularly effective against hostile structures. Each map of variations on a recognizable theme, two baseballs, and two or three races between them, each of them has additional goals whose fulfillment helps to win, while neglecting leads to a sure defeat.

If you are successful in fulfilling a given goal, you get help in the form of additional NPC mobs, automated attacks on adversary fortifications, weaknesses of NPCs, and structures or baffles that temporarily transforms one member of your team into a powerful creature with special attacks.
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Neither is it the target of the mercenaries that you must defeat first and then their copies to join your team in an attack on the opposing base. Through playing, playing heroes, and filling your daily kitchens, you gain experience and gold. You can spend gold for the permanent unlocking of heroes and numerous cosmetic accessories.

In the game you will need over a month to reach the thirty level and permanently unlock ten heroes by qualifying for the league matches. Heroes of the Storm is an extremely well-made, dynamic and, above all, very fun MOBA.

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