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Highschool Romance belongs to dating sim subconscious, which in translation means: save everything that moves on two to four legs and prove that love always wins. The protagonist of this sexual fantasy is Shoji, a high school student who mistakenly enrolls in a school attended exclusively by girls.

Despite the medieval rules of complete segregation that seem to still exist in the present, the ruffian director decides to look at him through his fingers, but under one condition – Shoji must camouflage and pretend to be a woman. Thus, during the transformation, he begins to shave his legs, in order to enjoy himself as much as he can, he will even learn and makeup.
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After going shopping and purchasing a few pounds of female underwear (the guild self-pays the director himself), it will maintain the illusion that David Copperfield would appeal to him, because, despite being surrounded by hundreds of girls, he is able to effectively conceal the anatomical differences between them.

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Initially, Shoji insubordinately refrains from starting to pop up all around him, but he will fall into temptation during the introductory tour of the school premises as one of the students will take him to the pantry. Then this same pupil will be able to pick him up by no chance of a lesbian! The further course of the action presents a series of similar situations that he thought thought they were sympathetic.
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Highschool Romance seems to be done by someone who obviously believes that teenagers are gnawing cubs for breeding, without considering the personality development and the unpromising set of problems they face in those years. Connections that can be achieved in the game start and are based on small services, because according to the mentioned anime logic there is enough reason to fall in love.
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The girls are presented with ugly drawings, which is also a logical result of a situation when a Westerner is trying to emulate manga style and is so beautiful. Music is at the level of mini-piano percussion from the beginning of the nineties, tracks last for about ten seconds and infinitely turn into a circle. Highschool Romance is a real life story.

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