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Invisible, Inc. Is a tactical game with an emphasis on a stealth approach to bridging various obstacles. Similar to the X-COM games, the following destination is chosen through the global map to which you are sending your agents from the base, depending on the chosen missions and successes, new, more tempting, but more risky goals are being created.

Invisible Inc Inspired by the original sequels of the X-COM series as well as the Bullfrog Syndicate, the plot is embedded in a near future run by ruthless multinational corporations. The name of the game is also the name of a spy agency under player control that is compromised and its former employers become hostile.
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The agency has only 72 hours to consolidate human-technical resources, infiltrate into enemy lines, and into the main computer network cut AI by the name Incognita. Unlike X-COM, there is no build of a base, instead, money is spent on improving the individual features of agents and equipment.

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The inventory of each operative is limited (later improvements can be increased from three to seven slots), so in action it will not be able to carry all of the needles to locomotives, but only the most necessary tool. Further, the value of each agent can be added to various implants, such as a wireless Remote Desktop Remote Transmitter or miniature computer deployed in the operating platform and used to decrypt encrypted terminals.
Invisible Inc pc free download
The missions consist of tasks that are mandatory for a positive outcome, as well as secondary donors that monetize. Actions that operatives can do during each move are limited by the amount of action points.

In addition to ammunition and action points, the most important resource during the mission is the electrical energy necessary for the functioning of Incognite and the range of programs that AI uses to disable the camera, door openings and safes, neutralization of hostile programs, and the like.
Invisible Inc game download free
Although this energy can be supplemented by hacking a console or a portable server (extremely expensive equipment, so do not forget to pick it up before leaving the mission) is in small quantities, so it is also necessary to carefully plan and allocate energy solely to the crucial goals .

Since the completion of any mission is impossible without recruiting her routines, it is clear that Incognita is a key member of the team, which in turn suggests that its activation from the standard automatically moves to a matrix view of the action.

Your small agency Officer, Monst3r, will, for a certain amount, offer you the exotic equipment mission, and when the trial day comes, you will join with Control dispatcher in the final attack on the OMNI mejnfrejm. Each mission is tense, and the end itself is glitteringly dark.

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