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Ironcast is a magnificent combination of mechanics and playwrights that will remind you to experience a wide range of emotions of happiness, enthusiasm and resentment through overwhelming, disgusting and fearfulness to the awkwardness, sorrow, and suffering.

Ironcast has elements of connect-three mechanics with tactical battles of steampunk mechs in an alternative Victorian environment. The basics of games are randomly generated campaigns where, for nine days, the South England map continually chooses between three offered missions of varying weight.
New systems are built and fitted to the Ironcast in the Hangar Bay
Each mission is a conflict with the elements of the overcoming French army, whether it be other mechs or armored combat trains. Your goal is to upgrade your armored combat machine by the dawn on the tenth day to be able to stand up to the opponent general and his supermaker.

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At the beginning of each mission, the static portraits of the protagonist are changing rows of text that explain the goal and limitations of the mission, and then the fight that puts your mech on the left side of the screen, the opponent to the right, and the center is a 49-page table.
all carrying gaming genres crashed
The tables are symbols of different colors, shapes and, most importantly; intended. Your Ironcast has four basic systems: two weapons, propulsion and shields, and you use ammunition, power, refrigerant and repair tool to manage them.

These four resources are featured with specific symbols on the central table and in order to be able to control the iron cast, attack and defend it, it is necessary for the scales that represent these four resources to be filled.
Each move gives you the ability to combine three sets of symbols on the table as well as activate the offensive, defensive or special features of your robot, all in accordance with the available resources. This fine logical and tactical component, is why you can not take Ironcast for hours and days.
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The four types of symbols mentioned are special tiles. Link allows you to move from one type of symbol to another and make a longer chain. Overdrive guarantees that the next weapon or system activation will have a twice as big effect. Metal waste is a resource that is used between the ironcass body repair mission and the purchase of new systems.

Finally, there are boxes specific to specific missions that contain materials whose collection is necessary for the successful execution of that task. Upon completion of each mission, you gain experience, resources and, most importantly, plans to build new combat systems.
Successfully completed missions
In principle, the success of each campaign is reduced to how much good equipment you will be plundering during the first 3-4 missions and how good your skills and pots will be offered during the first few levels-ups. Namely, the adversary general you are battling on the tenth day is so much more powerful than you simply have to play aggressively and endlessly risking the destruction and the current end of the campaign, otherwise you will not be able to advance enough before that final battle.

Fortunately, at the end of each campaign, no matter how many missions you’ve survived and whether you’ve won the final boss, all your experience gains into your global pool and unlocks new capabilities, passive bonuses, pilots and ironcases. So when you start the next campaign, you’re constantly getting more and more powerful and you can also make new combinations of pilots and iron casters.

Ironcast is a game about adjusting the situation, is often brutally heavy, even more often known to be anxious, but even then the smell has not long been absent from the face.

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