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Life is Strange from Square Enix represents an equal part of the holy trinity of episodic adventures that these days have received the ends of their first seasons. An effective, fairly rounded and satisfying ending of the first season of the episodic adventure Life is Strange.

To recall the game’s settings quickly: Meks is a cute girl with ambitions to become a world-famous photographer, so she is enrolled in the Blackwell Academy of Arts in her hometown, a coastal town from which she moved out during her childhood.
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Shortly after returning, the main heroine begins to sea the nightmare vision of a monstrous storm and an accompanying tornado that will wipe the city, and things get complicated once Mexico finds out that it has the power to restore recent events and directly affect what will happen.

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This is an interesting plot, with lots of references, homage and copying of famous examples. It provides enormous potential for action, but it is placed under the burden of heavy teenage drama that is not easy to warn, and which make up the majority of what you will meet.
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Peer violence, internet abuse, sexual experimentation, youthful (eternal) friendships, drug use, mistrust in adults, as well as corrupt institutions of marriage, family, school and society in general are interesting adolescent topics, but the general impression is that The season worked too overdone and intrusive.

This does not mean that the season does not adorn several effective moments and scenes, that certain decisions you make really do not change the course of the action, or that you will often face the choices that seem to be clear, but which often have negative consequences that are not immediately apparent.
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Add to this the additional Mexican ability to teleprompt in past events by focusing on specific photos, which brings another interesting dimension during the gameplay, as you will manipulate events in the past.

Since the next season has been confirmed, and this ends in a fairly rounded and satisfactory way, the real move would be to break with a hypership-adolescent overload, and put in some other tandem detective or FBI agents. Then it is even more widespread by parapsychologically-supernatural powers and phenomena, and the potential that Life is Strange has could be exploited in the most effective way.

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