Lost Horizon 2 PC Game Download

lost horizon 2 free download

Lost Horizon 2 PC Game Download

Lost Horizon 2 is a point & click adventure, made in a recognizable low-fi German way. The gameplay takes place at the end of the Second World War, a world that slowly overlaps the shadow of the Cold War, the hunt for unscrupulous Nazis who have poured into the hands of justice, the ancient and forgotten artifacts of even ancient and forgotten civlizations make it a stage for another generic point & click adventure.

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The Lost Horizon first was a nice, imitation Indiana Jones, with a recognizable atmosphere and beautiful locations, while the other part lost the charm and identity gained in the first edition. Boring characters, even boring and dark locations that are in sharp contrast to the bright and picturesque landscapes of the first part.
lost horizon 2 pc game download
A story full of cliches, riddles and ways of solving them on a level, a misplaced inventory with a bunch of objects that remain in it, and when you will never use them again and again. After all, what to say about the ambitions of the authors who have attached the game and the complete in-game solution for the transition, which is far in only two clicks of the mouse …

The cute and beautiful two-dimensional backgrounds have been replaced by 3D models, that is, a new engine (this is how the charm from the first part is killed), the characters move again in accordance with the German school of animation of people in point and click adventures, there is an unbearable delivery and response when walking characters , Regardless of the background, fatigue animations of certain actions and double-click the mouse that sometimes makes the character in the race, and sometimes not.
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If it were not all that black, evidence of lightning was in the form of a couple of beautiful and detailed locations, as well as several successful puzzles and problems. In all the rest, the ACME machine for making generic adventures continues to be unremarkable, and Lost Horizon 2 can be recommended only to fans who have to play everything from the genre.

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