Mad Max Game Review

mad max review

Mad Max Game Review

Mad Max is an open world game in a post-apocalyptic environment whose work takes place before the last, fourth movie in the series and adds to the events from it. Our favorite, silent wandering-self-hunts are caught in the wheel of his V8 Interceptor, on the way to deserted plains, where Max will try to escape the inner demons that persecute him.

On that route, however, he is soon intercepted by the War Team of the well-known Skrotus, one of the deformed sons Immortan Dzo, a famed evil man from the film itself. The good old interceptor is dreadful for spare parts, and Max, who knows which way, is left in semi-autochthonous condition to be a cheer for circular lizards.
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After a shake in the nearby field, our hero soon meets Chambak, a deformed automaker and religious fear, who will become a verbal Max companion and assistant. The main mission of the unlikely two will now become the location of the necessary parts (primarily the V8 engine), to make Cambaket the Magnum Opus, the ultimate Max of the Fugitive Four Wheeler, which will enable him to survive and fight across the desert.

The design of the game is average and does not stand out from other titles, and it represents the average of everything you would expect from an open world title that does not have much ambition to bite into something really innovative. Very like Assassin’s Creed, the game represents a constant shuffling of tasks that relay the main storyline and goblins of side-by-side, repetitive activities that recur and repeat.
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Searching for a variety of auxiliary locations for the mentioned scrap, several racing regimes, violation of war totems, the release of several types of campfire ranging from a variety of deserted bushes and gangs, de-mining the terrain with a giant jumper and neutralizing opposing convoys fill up the rather thin main action fable.

Meetings with NPCs always follow the same pattern: cleansing the territories occupied by the Skrotus troops, there is also an aproximation of their base, whereby you provide a safe shelter and a place where you can supplement the supplies. Mad Max is absolutely the place, a fantastic and dynamic atmosphere that contributes to a combination of world exploration, crazy driving, brutal vehicular clashes, and crazy moments when you’re out of the vehicle.
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It’s unlikely how much variety you can see in gameplay. Desert terrains are squeezed out with a bunch of discreetly and verbatim set of objects and landmarks, whose discovery and curiosity effectively bans the screen and the ground for further gameplay.

The complex of ruined airborne air turbines, broken up by the hanging bridge, crowds of landed ships, submarines or demolished flies, the remains of various sailors, silos and oil platforms where a few survivors found a refuge, a crater of volcano in which there is an arena for life and death The rest, some of which are part of the realistically depicted and scaled terrain, which themselves abound in various topographic diversities.
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Combat mechanics in the routine and effective mode taken from Batman Arkham, you can use fury mode to gain extra strength from attacking combo bindings and the like. Sneaky rides, fighting and explosive murders on dusty drums have been raised to the film level and effectively create adrenaline, along with scenes of almost realistic destruction, especially the automatic slowdown of time while playing with Chambake, which serves as a mounted Harp Launcher.

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Mad Max graphics is a perfect blend of blurry, vanquished and crumpled future and vibrant colors that exude desert areas. Blinking of a blurred pebbled, sunny rays that propagate behind the horizon or through elements of the environment, blur, perfect color scheme, realistic day and night shifting.

The spectacle that emerges from the storms that form and roll in the distance, to swallow you and represent a real danger, while the storm stops the weak light sources in the distance, is one of those must-see moments. The Mad Max is absolutely a fantasy and dynamic atmosphere created by a combination of world-wide research, crazy driving and brutal car crashes.

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