Might & Magic Heroes Online Review

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Might & Magic Heroes Online is a strategic MMO, fun, infectious, with battles that are completely in the spirit of good old Hero III. MMHO is a free title with microtransactions, but it is from the shape we played two years ago, where microtransactions were a side-by-side on a distant horizon, now mutated into something where the buying of the hideous hero seals intensely pushes your face all the time.

Leaving the system with the stamina necessary for starting the fight so at least you do not need seals for accelerated regeneration of the stamina, so now technically there is no reason to end the toy session. magnificent, addictive and seemingly inexorable robust mechanics of fighting in Heroes – if it is in place, the players will find ways to enjoy it. On the other hand, the loyalty of a fan of this franchise series.
start developing city
After several team battles that will help more experienced players to stop losing too many units and start gradually developing their first city, unwinding the campaign and advancing in the gaming world. The community MMHO community is very good and will help you all, how valuable teammates from the guild you are joining as well as the complete strangers from the global chat channel.

Simply, everyone is aware that other people need it for a pleasant game, that it is more fun to attack a stronger opponent in a group than a weaker solo. Like every true Heroes before this title and MMHO is a game you can not leave, it is playing for days and hours. Much of that time you hate limitations and bugs and missed opportunities, but you constantly enjoy excellent tactical challenges.
players will find ways to enjoy
From the group game comes with only faster progress and bigger challenges: better equipment, at the maximum level, the quests for which you get a hero sealse! It’s rarely the smallest of it when you win a virtual enemy in his game. The gameplay is recognizable, you are back to Ashan and whether you decide to lead the army of the haven or necropolis, you always help the dragon Elrath and his followers in the fight against a malicious enemy that would destroy the entire planet.

On the map of the world you are moving in real time in the style of the new King’s Quest, while the fighting against the good-tempered opponent moves in the larger battlefields. You recruit units into three cities that gradually unlock, and then improve them until your hero progresses and gets levels, he collects stronger equipment and develops skills.
fun, infectious battles
You have at your disposal four heroes, clerics and knights, if you lead a haven, or necromancer and a death knight, if you run a necropolis. The beginning of the game is much easier with magic heroes, so we recommend that you start the game with a leading necromancer or cleric. As you unwind the story and progress through the gaming world, you level up to the thirtieth level.

After that, all the gained experience raises the so-called dragon knight levels so that as long as you play, your character becomes more powerful. Endgame means that you have completed the main story and then just rotate your daily quests and run expedition teams or progressively heavier raids that bring the best equipment. Might & Magic Heroes Online is a strategic MMO with many drawbacks, but also with much more bright moments that will make every fan happy.

If you are a fan and you like to play games from the series, here you can download: Heroes of Might & Magic Heroes VII or Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition.

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