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Digital version of Mordheim: City of the Damned, miniature games on the board, located in the Warhammer universe, but with short skirmish clashes of gangs of only a dozen figurines. In Mordheim, gangs of about a dozen figurines clash in a short skirmish clash. Sometimes it is in the world, and with us, was very popular, and probably the most interesting part of the whole story seemed the possibility of organizing a campaign: a series of small battles, between which your team is progressing, getting experience, equipment, new skills etc.

The game was housed in the ruined imperial city of Mordheim, about 500 years before the time of the classic Warhammer. The story is simple: the comet has fallen to the city of Mordheim, and its remains are now scattered across the streets and ruined buildings (wyrdstones). A variety of mercenary gangs struggle for supremacy in the streets of a ruined city and worth the comets of a comet.

Mordheim in the computer version, with suitable subtitled City of the Damned, fully assumes model tabletop campaign: a game makes a series of missions of minor importance in which the gang together accounted for, but the core of it is actually their progress, leveling, learning new skills, collect equipment and similarly. It’s a moving, tactical game with the option to play a campaign or a skirmish match, solo or against other players.

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From the very beginning, you need to choose a gang (there are Sisters of Sigmar, Cult of the Possessed, Screw, Empire Mercenaries), made up of the leader, heroes and ordinary warriors. The basic idea of everything is that from this group of inexperienced guys, look for experienced fighters who will not overlook anything from gaining valuables on the maps.

Missions are randomly generated, and are generally quite heavy, however, you can pay scouts to find additional missions, more appropriate to your current skill level. In each mission, you are confronted with one opponent gang, and besides eliminating the enemy, you have side goals – to collect wyrdstones and explore some important places.

Everything is tricky, and gang members are moving and performing actions in a sequence that is determined on the basis of the initiative. The most important thing is to design a good tactic for winning the overall map, which will include the fight against the enemy, but also to collect at least some amount of parts of a comet that will be replaced after the money.

The simplest is to keep the whole group of warriors together because they are both practically invincible, or so you will not achieve additional goals and you may later money pose a problem (and is necessary to pay his soldiers, buy weapons, new skills)

In direct disruptions, everything is reduced to the stroke of execution and the choice of defense, and the success is determined by throwing an invisible dice, which is very fun. If a hero kills in battle, that does not mean a final death. In fact, after every battle, in every fallen soldier throws the dice to see what happened to him: maybe he hit his head, and he was reduced intelligence, perhaps he lost his arm and will in the future be less precise etc.

Survivors also get experience points that you can increase some of the many stats, and in time you also get new skills, equipment, features etc. This all together allows for the phenomenal adaptation and individualization of each individual member of your family and surely is the best part of the whole game.

Between battles, you can also trade: purchase equipment, pay upkeep for fighters, treat the injured, as well as sell found wyrdstone different factions, which will increase the reputation and get some bonuses from them. And everyone who played at least a little and Mordheim on the board will surely feel the nostalgia for one of the best tabletop games in history.

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