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Pathologic Classic (HD) opposes simple categorization, prevails with artistic and philosophical expression, and players share those who see the genius of genius, and those who will hate it. The language Pathologic addresses to us is one of his strongest trumpets: deliberately leaning on mysticism and strange grammatical structures, rich, complex and almost poetic.

It fits well with the characters who use it and their slow, suggestive and dreaming way of communication. The streets of the provincial town, located somewhere in the wilderness, apatitically walk the worn figures. There is no shout or loud conversation, and the silence only disturbs the piston step on the sidewalk, the bark of dogs, and the rustle of leaves under rain rains.
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The houses are large, monumentally ugly and generically shaped, and little dynamics in architecture bring only the works of shadow masters, buildings with stairs that seemingly do not lead anywhere and which defy the laws of physics. The city is run by the leaders of three large families. Each of the members of the ruling clique has its own motives and hidden plans.

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One will be honest, others will hide information, the third will openly lie, and the task of the three protagonists coming to the city to resolve his secrets will not be easy. The first of them is Danil Dankovsky, who here, after the completion of medical studies, brings professional curiosity and a letter from his colleague. The second is Artemij Burak, a haruspik – a prophet and a body reader.
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His task is much more difficult, because at first the local animal accuses him of murder. The name of the third hero of the story is Klara, and her character can not be selected without prior finishing a story with any of the previous protagonists. So, we can see a story from three different angles. Pathologic Classic HD is an intriguing title with an atmosphere to observe, events come out remake with dramatically improved graphics.

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