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pc, ps4 or vita download
Pix the Cat is a modern adaptation of the invincible snake that is peeled off neon colors and carries the label “Epilepsy Warning” as a trophy. You are in the role of a head-to-head cat whose task is to collect eggshells and bring them safely to the marked points at the levels.

Broiled eggs are turned into a carriage of a duck that, in addition to the enemy, the walls and the spikes, need to be avoided. The main regimen is Arcade, in which, for a limited time, it is necessary to pass as many layers as possible to one another, so that it creates a whirling feel to go into depth. By gathering all the eggs before you bring the horseshoe to control points, you increase the combo and speed of the game all the way to the fastest mode, Fever, when the colors are inverted.
You will also unlock the Nostalgia style made in the style of old black and white drawings, a more peaceful Laboratory with a headache and a 2-4-player Arena on the same computer. Like neon pumpkin, you will be competing with players around the globe on global high score tables, and it is possible to record a ghost with your best score.

Download the complete game (PC, PS4 or Vita):
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Whether you’re playing on a keyboard, an analogue controller or a D-pad, the delay and general poor precision control distorts the atmosphere and lead to errors, especially when Fever mode is over when the game is accelerating. Also, Arcade mode, as the main part of the game, has disappointed us with a small selection of tables and the inability to start arbitrarily from a certain level, you are always playing from scratch.
Won combo during gameplay
This mode is the only part of the game designed to be fun for longer runs, but it is a great chance that you will be the fastest in the game. Pix the Cat is a good and fun game, just missing a bit of polishing, which is likely to come to the patch soon.

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