Rebel Galaxy Download for PS4, Xbox One or PC

rebel galaxy free download for PC, PS4 or Xbox

Rebel Galaxy Download for PS4, Xbox One or PC

Rebel Galaxy is a spacecraft-fighting sandbox with a developed Freelancer-style story and character, with the atmosphere and music of a cowboy wild border that relates to Firefly, mechanically simpler than any similar game, hardware minimum required, two and a half times cheaper than standard AAA games.

Rebel Galaxy is an indie title that was thrown by former Torchlight developers. The guys have successfully grounded the concept of grandiose and controlling complicated space adventures by implementing an interface that is so simple that it is just brilliant.
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Young adventurer, on the call of aunt-adventurer he has not seen for many years, comes to the peripheral sector of the galaxy where the adventure of life awaits him. Aunt’s life was smuggled, chewing tobacco and dealing with piracy, and at one point she encountered an ancient alien artifact that every power player in the sector wants to own.

Download Rebel Galaxy for PC, Playstation 4 or Xbox One
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The artifact is the AI construct that will upgrade the fragments captured by solving the storyline of the mission’s mission in the campaign, gradually revealing one layer of sympathetically clichéed SF stories. The campaign is rather long, but primarily because of the need for grinding optional missions and forcing money for better ships and equipment.
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Ships fall into a different weight category than the one that is common for this type of game, because you are moving from corvette, through frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and finally to the possession of the most powerful Drednot. Impressive battles in which you will destroy hunters and all other smaller vessels are a basic feature of the action component of the game.

Fighting takes place on one level, as if you are sailing on the sea, and the Z axis, freely used by hunters, bombers and other combat squadrons, is not available to you, but your automatic turret is. You will direct the bulk of the damage to the cannons from the side, circling around the opponent, slowly destroying the energy shield until it is completely destroyed.
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Laser, Ion, Flashes, Rocket and various other shakes can be controlled manually or automatically. The manual principle makes sense only in the case of a corvette, but the destroyer with eight turrets is very difficult to control manually, auto-control is recommended. Each single turret can set auto-shooting parameters, which is especially useful for ammunition-consuming species.

You can, for example, “program” to ignore hunters and fire only capital ships. The right choice of turrets, their programs and weapons is the core of the role-play aspect and it depends on whether you will be tormented or sovereignly dominated. A basic rule would concern a healthy balance between weapons that are effective against shields and the one that better pierces the armor. The control system is banally simple: ‘WSAD’ for movement, ‘Q’ and ‘E’ for engine power, left button for shooting, right button + mouse for charged shot at the target.
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The ‘E’ key is used to initiate the warp drive, landing in the station, and activating the traction beam for collecting prey after the battle. Regardless of whether you decide to trade, pirate or solve missions that bring a fixed fee, dozens of hours of hacking around the universe are waiting for you and the expiration of exponentially larger sums needed for a higher class of ships and equipment.

Each new system offers equipment that is for a class higher than that available in the previous, with double or several times more price. You will have little variation if you access a merchant or mercenary guld with its exclusive items of equipment and combat ships.

Rebel Galaxy is a relatively fun game that stands in sharp contrast with the technically more modern, but cool and depersonalized remake of the Elite.

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