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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 is not a phenomenal graphic solution, for which we have a gratifying gratitude for the sultry environment of the Russian island where the story is taking place. Visually, the game has a shortage of style, so it reminds more of a speed spin-off than a full title.

Surroundings have been seen thousands of times, but varied: closures, factories, slaughterhouses, quarries, mines, sewers… The fishing village and the forest at the night of the moths break the monotony. When we set the first Revelation and the claustrophobic ship’s backbone, this is even a pleasant retreat.
Moira going through dark hallways
Each of the four episodes is divided into two parts, each of which will be run by two protagonists. The first tandem is made by Claire Redfield and Moira Barton, and the other – Moira father Barry and girl Nataly. At the headquarters of the organization Claire and Moira work, they take commandos, take them off and take them to the Zabyti island.

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They put them in the cells of the former punishment colony. Claire and Moira are wearing bracelets that react to the level of emotional anxiety: strong feelings like fear affect viral activation and mutation! From one character to another, the tandem is switched by using the ‘Tab’ key.
barry with knife kills zombies
Claire will be in charge of firearms, and Moira will handle the battery light, reveal hidden objects, and handle the shield. AI is quite correct, so the companions are doing their job well. We look at the angles we see, and run to end the principle entities. Berry Barton comes to the island with a few months of delay, convinced that his daughter is alive and will succeed in saving her.

Natal is a girl with the ability to feel the enemy’s dreams behind the walls as well as those that are invisible. When he gets caught, he can pick up a brick and shoot his opponents, and he can pull through the passageways and press levers and switches that Barry is unavailable. Barry and Claire have the ability to sneeze and eliminate the enemy from the back. When we get tired of the campaign, we are waiting for the Raid game regime, which characterizes the absence of every story and grunts from morning till tomorrow, and which works surprisingly well.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 will give you a good time at the moment, if you do not get tired of repeating and resembling the previous titles, you’ll be amazed at these four episodes.

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