Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Download

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Serious Sam HD The First Encounter Download

Serious Sam (HD) is super fast and explosive action on the unseen spacious levels full of opponents and specific “younger brother of Duke Nuke” humor, qualities and are of a high-definition remake. Besides modern graphics which is the backbone of Serious Engine 3, the game is absolutely and completely the same as the original aging.

Classic gameplay, and crude entertainment provided are not obsolete. Not forgiving gameplay, ie. Health-system without automatic regeneration of health (when you last played such a guard?) And no auto-save (except between levels) effectively will remind you of cruelty and intransigence good old time.
attacking hordes of different monsters
Situations like hiding behind a pillar with six health points and calculating the best way to survive in the next five seconds empirical will point to the fact that normal mode in Suter each year becomes easier.

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Some things really never (fully) not obsolete. Legendary Croatian guard, originally issued in the spring of 2001, but then was label as old school shooter game, the game of modern engine, which are due to ultra-simple but immersive gameplay players and critics compared the doom on steroids.
devastating grenade launcher
The game without a coherent story, with levels based on action and not a script, without a coherent narrative and advanced shots mores such as secondary modes gun, sighting or capture the shelter picked up a lot of laurel and won several prestigious critics awards.

What with HD is not a big deal whether levels, whose width is no longer a miracle technique but something to which everyone is accustomed. High definition graphics also not overly fabulous: The First Encounter is beautiful, smooth and fast, but today there are nicer, smoother and faster games that still offer something more than delusional goofball fun for two afternoons.

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