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Sid Meier’s Starships is a stand-alone expansion to Civilization V, which allegedly adds to the predecessor of Beyond Earth. On the setup list, there was only a choice of leader and faction, which influenced the initial bonuses, the size of the map, the number of players, the winning conditions and the affinity choice.

Starships is an attempt to move civilization into the universe, and the game takes place throughout the cosmic space, which is actually bent and opposite CIV map as a metropolis. The map is divided into two parts: a strategic overview of the system and tactical zoom-in mode while performing combat tasks.
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The goal of the game is to conquer a known universe, love or power, and diplomacy without exception generates fruit, mostly ends with force. There is a lack of research into new technologies, but the few who buy science scores that generate the planets under your control, so the sense of achievements known from the old Civilization games is gone.

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Similarly to planetary buildings as there are no gradual construction within a few moves, they are exclusively obtained by spending metal, cities on the planet are bought with food. On the galactic whip it is possible to replace one resource for another, but the price of the exchange is progressively increasing for each subsequent purchase.
hunting squads can  destroying everything
Combat missions that are simple because the arsenal is devastated by hunting squads that you can produce unlimited, destroying everything with them. There are no descriptions of objects on a tactical map, so when you have to do some task, land the transport ship to the orbital station, there is a problem because you do not know where to go?

One of the illogicalities is the inability to break non-energy weapons through the asteroid fields, which does not apply to a torpedo that passes through the asteroid without any problems. The graphics seem to be from 2001, the authors could work to make the graphics look a little better, because such an appearance fails the game. There are no graphic settings except for windowed and fullscreen views.
available fractions
The map is impeccable, each sector looks the same, which together with one to two music circles that spin around is quickly bored. Sid Meier’s Starships can be played once, purely to prove your superiority over the dumb AI and that’s all. It may possibly serve beginners as a very dilute introduction to the 4X genre.

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