Silent Hill 2 PC Download

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Silent Hill 2 PC Download

Silent Hill 2 is better than the previous survival horror adventure type Resident Evil and the like. James comes to Silent Hill and begins his search for his beloved wife. Since Silent Hill is no longer a quiet little place for vacation but abandoned and very intimidating city, his job will be very difficult.

Performance is in the third person, but not with a fixed camera behind the hero. It is the camera one of the biggest failures. In some moments it will continue to completely lose sight of James, while in some other cases, rotates so that you do not see the path ahead, not where they are enemies. Really big failure.
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Management of character in the beginning will be a little confusing because of the lack of support for the mouse. So, everything is done via the keyboard or via the controller if you have one. For the PC version specifically done shortcuts, so it is not necessary to constantly go into inventory to perform an action.

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Silent Hill 2 has a decent number of riddles and puzzles. In addition to the difficulty levels of the game there is a degree of difficulty puzzle. Mess at the highest level are very complex and would require a lot of stress concentration and brain cells to solve them. Other tasks generally are standard for this genre.
player viewed third person
It is necessary to find certain items to the combination with others unlock the passage to the next location. The second part is dedicated to the killing of various creatures. The appearance of these grotesque and abominable monsters varies, so you will often meet a little deformed nurses, mutant zombies, creatures with hands or feet instead of the head, and there are “brass” that appear at certain locations in the later parts of the game.

The most heinous of them is Pyramid Head, dangerous creature with a kind of huge blades by which neutralize all that gets in his way. James’s arsenal consists of a piece of timber with nails, metal pipes, to pistols, shotguns and hunting rifles. Ammunition is scattered around the city and only a detailed search, you can get to it.
Silent Hill 2 is best horror games
Since Silent Hill is quite a big city, the map on which the James mark all important places perfect to serve for orientation. During the game the meeting will be with a few lost souls who have some of his work came to Silent Hill. A striking tone of the atmosphere gives and graphics. Fog covering every corner of town swallows everything in its way and you never know what can come out of it.

Sound effects are fantastic, creaking of rusty door and chilling screams that echo in the ears of players even after shutdown inspire fear in the bones. Music is masterful and further raises the hair on his head.

Silent Hill 2 achievement certainly takes the title of the best survival horror games in 2002.

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