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download sky force anniversary for pc
Sky Force Anniversary is a classic vertical-skinned shooter with nine levels in which you shoot at absolutely nothing that is not a part of a static background. Sky Force was the original light of the video since 2004 on the 60-inch Nokia phones and, for that time, was one of the most spectacular games on portable devices.

Ten years later, she came to the mobile platform, and then to the PC in the form of an Anniversary edition. In addition to unlocking the next level by quenching the queen, there are two additional difficulties for each level that you will need to do a little more to handle and complete 4 challenges, taming 70, or 100% of all enemy forces, saving all civilians and passing levels without any scratches .
sky force anniversary free download pc version
Weight actually means increasing the health line of all opponents. As well as how many launches are launched (if they have missiles at all), the levels themselves are always the same, and for the successful passing it is necessary to learn the layout of the opponents.

Download Sky Force Anniversary for PC
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Since the PC release is a port from the Android / iOS device, it is a piece of legacy with the free2play or freemium platform. Always gather stars that are the currency for unlocking new weapons and improving existing ones in breaks between the levels. Though the grind is not as drastic as the phones, it will take a while to unlock all and the maxi gun.
sky force anniversary free play pc game
Harder version versions give two to three times more stars. If someone from your Steam friend list plays Sky Force, each time you hit a level you will see a new VIP icon, which you can save for a big bonus.

The Anniversary version is impressive and well-optimized today, especially when it is considered that this is not a high-budget title. Fortunately, a rich color palette and general explosion everywhere on the screen does not make any problems during the game and will always be very straightforward.

It is possible to cooperate in two players on the same computer, Sky Force Anniversary is a good choice for fans of classic arcade shooters.

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