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skyhill game free download
The protagonist of Skyhill is locked in the hotel’s attic in the morning of a nuclear war, in a city that is destroyed by an unknown viral epidemic, and his goal is to reach the ground in one piece and escape to the street. Vital statistics of the main character are divided into energy and strength, and both scales at the beginning of the game have a hundred points.

The received blows consume energy, while moving through the rooms takes one point from the scale of satiety. For wound wiping, standard medical material is used in the form of medication and bandages, and hunger is facilitated by eating raw foods or preparing them in the kitchen, which is a more efficient solution.
skyhill free download
Whoever was in charge of a routine that arranges items by accidental principle has done a haggling job because food is in bizarre places, so do not be surprised if you drag your hand in the workbench and pick up the eggs. The hunger is too fast, so the main hero must stop almost on each floor to feed.

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During breakthrough down the floors of a ruined hotel you will find all sorts of objects that you can find a new purpose through a crafting station. From the objects found, produce personal weapons: various mines, daggers, bats, and there is a pajer as a universal weapon. Medicines, food, various aids, and you can improve your cheerful home with improved versions of the front door that reduce the chance that zombies break into your apartment, a more efficient kitchen, a more comfortable bed etc.
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Crafting is possible only in the attic, that is, at the starting location, and for express movement between the floors you need a VIP card. Nearly every floor is waiting for you bloodthirsty monsters. Standard zombies and mutants that have a weak attack, to dangerous specimens that not only have the ability of multiple attacks within the same move, but ultimately even poison you, and then you will have to ride an elevator to the attic and make anti-poison.

It is possible to precisely target certain parts of the body, like the one in Fallout, here it is much easier with a smaller number of points, so there are not many tactics in the battles. Occasionally, you will be caught in the rooms by rare individuals who have not succumbed to the epidemic and can trade with them. With no percussion that is subsequently unlocked, it’s almost impossible to cross the game, so do not expect it to end from the first attempt, even at the easiest level.
skyhill game cracked free
The bars are divided into passive and active, ie durable and one-time use, so in the passive we find rampages that give you a priority in each turn, but prevents tactical withdrawal, while from the active most useful deductive method through which you can watch through Walls and see what exactly you expect in the adjacent rooms.

All happenings in the game are actually part of the experimental military VR simulation. After a couple of final pictures showing that at the end of the military headquarters ballade they decided to be permanently alive, and they were unwelcomely disposed of on the desktop, which should have been a bogusly deep epilogue, but it turned out completely stupid, pretentious and amateurish.
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If you play a fair game, return to FTL, for an unbeatable virtual survival experience there is always a maestral This War of Mine, and Skyhill with its clock and content is too free and sloppy, and it’s not worth the fifteen euros.

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