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Solarix is an action horror in the universe, such as a mix of Dead Space and System Shock. The main hero is the engineer who, as the only survivor, was found at the research station in the far corner of the cosmos, after mysterious infection had escaped all employees.
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The background story is drifting through a number of scattered audio logs, there is a cuddly AI, the levels are mostly located in the middle of the space, they go in for a few minutes and are strictly linear. Of the gameplay elements, there are only basic things: squatting, hacking of electronic locks, throwing items to distract the guards, different degrees of disguise depending on the amount of ambient lightning.

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Ammunition has little, so the use of firearms is mostly limited to the destruction of sources of light and easier hailing through stealth. The interior and the exterior are uniform, and with the objects you encounter there is no interaction possible.
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When it comes to story and atmosphere, the authors of Solarix have failed to intimidate the fear of the player, horror moments are not the best scenes. At one point, the player is required to reach out to the hand of the helpless engineer and use it to access the locked door, but often it is impossible to approach because the accident has fallen so that his hand literally entered the symbiosis with the nearby wall.

Solarix game is said to be semi-unfinished, has a lot of mistakes, the horror atmosphere is lost, it could be said to be an action adventure. If you do not have anything else to play, we recommend that you try.

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