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Son of Nor is the work of Austrian Still Alive Studios, and is one of the most successful Kickstarter projects realized in this part of the world. Son of Nor is located in a far deserted empire, where the eons of the Sarahul race were killed by the eons in a fragile peace.

From the time Sarahulus began to produce descendants endowed with powerful magic, people found themselves between hammers and anvil because the lizards suddenly received the affection of divine Aitharians, interested in themselves to control the magic potentials they once lost.
with magic powers...
The blatant abdication is soon to be abolished, Sarahul believes that human race is an ideal slave power, and clashes soon evolve into an open war when people begin to produce padawan… these people are themselves endowed with magic powers…

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Son of Nor is an action adventure with a third-person look, with sporadic moments in which you will solve well-designed logical problems and mechanisms by applying your magic powers. The game provides the possibility of telekinetic lifting of undeclared objects from the environment, also manipulation of the terrain, in the form of elevation of the ground in the hills or, by the way, “drilling” and making holes.
Sarahulus began to produce descendants endowed with powerful magic
Raising the sand you use to reach elevated platforms and obstacles, such as making a sort of barrier that can slow or block opponents, or suppress them. It is also advisable to drill holes for offensive-defensive purposes, such as slowing down the opponent, hacking and weakening the foundations of individual objects, or circumventing certain locations.

Telekinesic powers, besides the initial shooting of the enemy, all that is available in the environment, can also be used to collapse of larger buildings and structures, with a power overwhelming moment, which raises all objects and characters from the immediate surroundings.

These puzzle-solving moments, as well as functional co-op regimes, are the brightest moments in the game. Son of Nor is an average game that does not bring anything new that the average player is not already a video, do not interfere with marketing that is professionally made.

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