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sonic lost world free download
Sonic Lost World introduces some really interesting ideas, starting with a story that is typically comically written and choreographed, but at least it tries to be different. Doctor Eggman has teamed up with the so-called Deadly Six, this time, and he took control over them with a magical shell.

The aforementioned family is turning itself around the circumstances of Eggman, who now has to cooperate with Sonic and Tails to prevent a complete disaster. Most sections are cylindrical in shape, with not so few sections in the form of planetary planets, of course, each with its own gravity.
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Running is now a special key, as well as a recognizable conversion to the superb ball. The reason for all these changes is not to expedite the speed transition of the level but the research, so you can get a double jump and a few parker moves like running around the walls.

Download Sonic Lost World for PC, WII & 3DS
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Very often you will have to stop and carefully jump over the jumps, but it is left more than enough space for more experienced players to scramble and find shortcuts. Like Generations, or one of the better modern Sonic games, there are also 2D sections.
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They are very nice to connect with 3D parts of the level and share the same vowel structure. It is only pity that in these parts the rules of physics and inertia do not apply in the older versions. Between the levels you will go through a very simple world map where you can run into bonuses in the form of extra lives or tasks that bring you similar bonuses and temporary specials for Sonic.

Everything you pick up like this is available at any time at the touch of a button. In addition, occasionally you will find wisps that briefly give you some new capability like flying, launching to the second part of the level, or turning into a drill.
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As in previous versions, the replay of already completed levels brings about the discovery of new shares, and a time trial with global charts with the best results is also available. Returning to the earlier levels is somewhat needed in order to save a sufficient number of animals in order to open a passage for you.

Controlling Sonic is very imprecise and often illogical, far from the intuition and enjoyment that was in the Generations, it is too quick to react and it happens that instead of rotating along the cylindrical track, it is too hasty to rotate and lose speed. A double jump creates a confusion for itself because it is set to the same key as remote firing into opponents.
sonic lost world pc download
This leads to frustrating situations when you can not make a double jump because you have targeted one of the robots. The visual apple is only in higher resolution compared to the original edition that was working in 720p, so there are no drastic differences in relation to the engine used for Sonic Generations and the optimization is very good.

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