Space Station SIM

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Space Station SIM

Usually we do not have the practice of excessively insist on analyzes low-budget games, but we will in this case make an exception because of the intriguing premise. Simulation design of the international space station life and work on it, it’s great idea whose shielding accepted several teams in the past ten years.

Unfortunately none of these attempts did not lead to anything except to bad games. Space Station Sim suffered the same fate of its predecessor, this is usually the work of the development team that every month ejects new “tycoon” game (Prison Tycoon, etc.).

Vision Video Games is representative of specific types of guerilla-developers that the game produced by APP system (if you pass, pass), games programmed such that small children are playing and hope success of, the product packed up in an attractive box, stick a ridiculous price and hope someone success.
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This strategy and system are amateur, but sometimes even pass the holiday season when a lot of purchases. Technically speaking, the game is a complete failure, primarily because of the same 3D engine that “Vision Video Games” is used for all your games!

Seen from orbit country acts totally unconvincing, the continent reminiscent of indistinct spots, everything else looks like but the ground does not look like. The interior of the space station is performed slightly better, but not enough to be able to say anything positive.

Management personnel and equipment made it extremely bad, taking into account the technical aspects of the station and astronaut needs depends on imaginary factors. The game resembles the extremely simplified SIMS in which a player has only basic control of the situation.
space station simulation
I have to say to us did not like how it is done closing credits when you want to get out of the game, the process is impossible to break, causing great frustration and hostility. I do not know what the developers with this thought achieve but definitely has the opposite effect.

Space Station Sim is definitely a bad copy and a complete failure if you do not believe it will be enough just to look at the gameplay on youtube, everything will be clear in less than a minute. Bypass this address a wide berth, if you want to play, we recommend a classic SIMS, here you can find Sims 4 product code.

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