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StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void is another great gaming experience in an excellent series, is a standalone expansion pack. Seventeen years after the original StarCraft, and just over five years after StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, we are finally confronted with the last chapter of this phenomenal mega popular strategy. After the events in the previous chapter of StarCraft 2, Heart of the Swarm, we got an introduction to LotV through three bonus missions during which Zeratul finally learned where the solution to win over Aemon was hiding.

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It must take Xel’Naga’s key, an artifact that the imperial Valerian preserves on Korhala. Problems in the prototype occur when Aemon manages to break the Khala, a psychic connection that involves all the protests of the dark templars. Hierarch Artanis will have to find the ancient mother ship Spirit of Adun. You will help both old allies and former opponents to stop the threat to all life in the galaxy.
starcraft 2 legacy of the void singleplayer playing
Legacy of the Void is a platform to narrate an epic story intended for a wider range of players, with brutal multiplayer and modes that will enable life long after fans of a story that do not go into a multiplayer have played the last mission in the campaign. A single player experience is almost a game for itself, and except top narration, attention is again dedicated to the gradual learning of players by the basics of mechanics and scales of weight rise slowly as the missions move away.

Spirit of Adun further separates SP and MP experiences. With the advancing mechanics based on the accomplishment of secondary goals in missions, seen in the previous two chapters of StarCraft 2, Spirit of Adun adds to the battlefield active and passive skills that change the course of the battle. Spirit of Adun is also present in the online mode Allied Commander, which gives players of every fraction of such powerful skills that change the course of the game, but as they fight together against AI opponents.
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The more you play this type of mission, your commander is progressing more and gaining access to stronger powers and units. The missions of this fashion are designed as longer and more complicated challenges of the already seen maps from all three SC2 chapters. The motive for cooperation and cooperation with other players continues even during Archon’s competitive mode where two players, in analogy with the two arrays forming templars, lead one fraction into net matches.

This mode can help the weaker players train under the eye of a more experienced colleague. If one player has a very good macro, and a weak micromanagement, while the other team member is in reverse, the two can split the duty to become a highly efficient team. Multiplayer battles were torn, advanced and improved, each fraction got two new units, and numerous existing capabilities of units and buildings were rebalanced.
play starcraft 2 legacy of the void free
Legacy of the Void brings even faster rhythms to the already frenetic game – players now start with double more crankshafts, and the amount of crystals is halved across all folders and rewards faster spread and greater aggression. Special praise deserves magnificent synemets that once again provoke a wide array of reactions. This way you will rush the story several times, stop your breath while you watch them.

Our favorite is definitely Artanis and the mother of all the scenes “cool guys do not look at explosions”. StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void is another great gaming experience in an excellent series with the most controversial thing to be a discussion of whether it can be said to stand side by side with Brood War.

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