Street Fighter 5 Review

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Street Fighter 5 Review

Street Fighter 5 is a damn good game, we definitely got something new and not copy / paste fighters and locations from other Capcom martial titles. The game is announced only for PC’s and PlayStation 4. The game mechanics have changed completely and now they are much more reminders of the Third Strike that many players continue to suffer.

Capcom surprised us with the good sides of the game. The total number of fighters is sixteen, of which four are new. From the novice there is Rashid (fighter from the Middle East), Necalli (a wild fighter who hates people), F.A.N.G. (A Chinese killer who uses poison as the main weapon) and Laura (master of the Matsud-jihad from Brazil).
Brazilian fight on the street
Design and performance are excellent. The battlefield has ten, the graphics simply leave breathless, and the game itself is remarkably optimized and works pretty cool on middle class machines. The focus kicks are totally kicked and replaced by V-Skill. Each character has a different V-Skill. Ryu sucking blows, Rashid rolls, Nash sucking blows and full V-Bar and so on.

You can not kill an opponent over the block, but you have to complete it with a blow out of the block. The exception to this rule is the only “super shot”. The online mode is well done, and the biggest surprise is cross-play support with PlayStation users who work extensively. One-player modes are available, Story (tutorial), Survival, Versus, and Challenge.
Laura is struggling hard
The Current Story mode follows the story of each fighter, all the time you will follow the slide show with the story of each fighter. In gameplay there are two to three battles throughout the whole story fashion. Survival mode is interesting, fight for one round with AI opponent and at the end of every fight you choose a bonus.

Here you can download a key or complete game

You can strengthen the attack, defense, recharge the energy that is otherwise transferred to the next fight, recharge EX or V-bar.. Versus, of course, brings the ability to play in two players, and there is also a Training Mode, which is significantly improved in relation To the previous game.

As far as online modes are concerned, there are only ranked and unmanaged fighting currently only supporting 1 vs 1 rooms, but will be expanded. DLC fighters are already announced: Balrog, Guile, Yuri, Ibuki, Urien and Alex, and a large number of them are just following. Each DLC will be able to unlock or virtual money that is collected in the game or for a real cache.

Players need to use JoyToKey to play, keyboard support is done well. Street Fighter 5 is a good game in every respect you try to try.

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