Sublevel Zero PS4 Xbox One and PC Download

sublevel zero free download

Sublevel Zero PS4 Xbox One and PC Download

Sublevel Zero is a first-person shooter with rogue elements, which in this case involve procedurally generating levels and permadeath (recording status can not be made even after the defeat you return to the very beginning).
The goal of each level is to find and destroy a reactor that leaves the parts necessary for the recovery of the propulsion engine your ship will transport to your galaxy.

You start with standard, poorly equipped ships, while advanced models are unlocked by performing various subordinate tasks. The inventory for the containment of active weapons and spare parts is limited and at the same time it is possible to equip only one instance of ballistic and energy weapons, there are two slots for missile launchers and one place for the engine and shield.
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Each type of weapon consumes a specific type of ammunition, while the energy canisters are regenerated over time. Destroyed opponents will leave behind the gaps used in the special crafting of the HUD part along with old or unwanted parts of the equipment to produce new, more advanced military techniques. Sublevel Zero is complicated because it requires a correct and timely selection of items that you carry with you.

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Most of the opponents are standing and with a couple of fired bullets, waiting for their destruction, while outright opponents exhibiting any form of intelligence. A three-dimensional map due to its precision is not of great help. It will happen slowly to get lost in the halls of simple, almost straight line levels. If your opponent finds “behind your back” while looking at you, you are left without half the energy.
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Strangely implemented controls directly reflect an unimaginable struggle because more maneuvering makes it impossible, so every encounter with an opponent solves only by momentary pulling, and a massive fire from a safe distance.

Everyone who had a chance to play Descent in the guard has remained cracking the adrenaline shock that arises after destroying the reactor and settling on the asteroid surface through the winding tunnels while the explosion of the complex is getting closer and the timer ruthlessly shakes.
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There are no similar situations that contribute to the atmosphere in this game, everything is somewhat slow and outdated, which also implies when the biggest enemy is your control subsystem. The crafting section somewhat makes things more complex in relation to the ancestor, but in this sense poor design levels are a big step backwards.

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