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tales from the borderlands episode 5 free download
The first season Tales from the Borderlands is finally completed and counts the standard five episodes. Regarding the structure and mechanics of playing in relation to the first episode, the rest of the package does not make any changes or improvements. Gameplay boasts a few important moments that contribute to the specific atmosphere of the game, and which will keep you tracked down to the very end.

The player continues to shift water reluctant duo that make up the greedy bureaucrats Hiperionski Ris, or thief / crook Fiona, who will, in the company of his vivid and extended teams faithful companions, try to locate the ultimate vault, apparently hidden somewhere in Pandora.
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Holographic projection Handsome Jack, the villain from another borderlands, who resides in lynx brain implants, sporadically operated bionic hand of his host and the decline in conversations forcing their personal agenda, creating the expected warm-cold relationship with the aforementioned protagonist.

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Apart from him, by the end of the story players will discover the identity of a mysterious stranger who is captured and implemented by the main actors, while his are through flashbacks describing past events, there is a meeting with a mafia boss Valori and its army of mercenaries, visit several abandoned bases and complex detested Atlas Corporations, as well as one of the highlights of the entire season, in the form of leaving the Hyperion Base, located in the nearby Pandora’s month.
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Familiar decision making, which depends on the further course of the action, after the potential we saw in the first episode, still leaves the impression of decoration and marketing trick. The game takes place on quite a predefined way, allowing only minor differences in the manner in which the characters react to each other, while the more important parts operations continue to go with the flow, not allowing any deviations, no matter what you make seemingly exclusive or Opposite decisions.

Only where the whole concept of branched action has some effect is just the finale of the game, where your chosen actions will determine which characters will be available to you before the battle with the ultimate boss at the end. The biggest complaint is the limited time for which you need to respond (or not respond) during the dialogue, because the characters will not arrive or finish their sentences, and you will already be counted half the time to reply.
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in addition to the aforementioned quality in terms of scenarios, fantastic voice acting, excellent ambient music and the maximum that limited graphics and animation characters can get away, this is annulled through several unforgettable, entertaining moments and set-tenders.

Mad Max chasing the arena from the finale of the first episode, the awakened Rakk Hive mastodon fight abandoned in Atlas database, the pursuit Valory Goons, flight Hyperion, splitting shots fired central square Hiperion base and others, are mentioned crowned, magnificent boss- By the end of the file.

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