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The Escapists does not have a story, but before you only puts the challenge of getting out of six prisons with progressively tighter assurance. To avoid the guards’ doubt, you need to appear at morning and evening receptions, as well as during a meal in the cafeteria, exercise in the gym, in the shower and in the work.

Additionally, you have free hours each day for exploring the constipation, considering possible routes of escape, crafting objects (shovels, picks, nuns, and the like) and working on your plan (for example, making copies of prison keys or gently digging a tunnel ).
getting out of six prisons
The game does not lead you by the hand, but it expects you to find ways to get rid of, and in a good way, and crafting recipes, discover by experimenting. You’ve made a plan of getting up, you’ve got all the stuff you need for him, and the only thing you do not need to put your genius plan into action is the sock you combine with soap to get a powerful sock-buckled?

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You can purchase socks and other items with other prisoners. If you are lacking money, you can earn money from one of the jobs inside a prison (laundry, floor scrubbing, registration plates, etc.), or by performing services and tasks for other inmates (for example, a prisoner will ask you to get him a toilet Paper or to distract the guards during the next lunch).
daily routine of collecting objects
If you do not believe in that proverb that there is no stocking sock, you can steal them from the cell of another inmate or from his coffered body after you or someone else has knocked it out. All this sounds great, performing one and the same prison routine every day.

Everything turns into a waiting game where you earn money at slow pace and collect the items you need for the blessing. In addition, in all prisons you will do the same things as in the first, only the plan for each new prison will be slightly different and the weight level will be higher.

The Escapists has an addictive gameplay though the action repeats again, but we could not stop playing, “Just to play another prison day and maybe I’ll be able to get the material to craft the upgraded shovel and pierce the other meter of the tunnel.”

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