The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Download

the witcher 3 hearts of stone free download

The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Download

You can access the Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone content in three ways, by launching a new game, by loading any saved position from the campaign either after it, or by selecting a pre-defined and ready-to-face character of the 32nd level, since the expansion is advisable to play With a highly developed character.

The extension is taking place in the northeast of Novigrad, with magnificently sown new points of interest in the form of a small lake settlement, farms, abandoned and ornate estates, abandoned and spooky villages, ruins, crypts and others. Certain parts of the story and new content will take you to the streets of Oksenfurth and to the sewer, but the doors of the famous Oxenfurt Academy will remain closed for research.
the witcher 3 hearts of stone download full version + dlc
The expansion begins with a seemingly routine squeezing of the bulletin in front of a more visible tavern at seven cats, near Novigrad, and by landing a standard pest control of the Frankfurt sewerage for the local silence and its band misfits.

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One of the killed Eastern Prince later, as well as the arrangement with the devil himself, and Geralt is pinned down in an awkward situation and the game of higher powers, which will fill the whims and desires, trying to get out of this bunch of intrigue and submersion. The main campaign is conditionally made in several different parts, and all of them represent maestral scriptwriting masterpieces.
the witcher 3 hearts of stone game + dlc
A village wedding in which Geralt’s company will make Shani, an old acquaintance from Visima, during which our hero will be hosted once again, a very important guest, is the best proof that high-quality RPG adventures on the sea always rest on high ideals and struggle with unholy forces.

Full positive atmospheres and good tunes, subtle criticism of Geralt himself, but not devoid of greatly done dramatic and tense moments, this quest instance with golden letters is easily entered into video game analias in the wider sense, and best of all, it’s just organic Part of a far wider story.
 the witcher 3 hearts of stone new quests
Below you will organize a full-blooded medieval heist to the treasury of a local richman, or visit a creepy, abandoned estate, with a gentle and disturbing testimony of silent suffering and disrupted family and human relations. New adversaries come in the form of very awkward arahnids, which effectively evade your campaigns, waiting for the chance to hurt you badly, as well as encounters with several sporadic bosses, which you will often not be able to kill by using a raw force.
let's play the witcher 3 hearts of stone campaign
Very important news, which enriches the modifications of armor and weapons, comes in the form of an eastern master who applies the runes to the desired pieces of equipment. Swords and armor (provided they have three slots for apgrejd) can be improved with unique improvements. These bonuses come at a high price, you will have to separate yourself from the larger sums of your saved gold coins to unlock all three levels of improvement, and also fully occupy all three of the mentioned slots.

If you are a lover and owner of The Witcher 3, Hearts of Stone is a classic but brainer in terms of gustation, and will not disappoint even players who have not yet given a chance to the Adventures of the Council. Here you can download The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt for PC or Playstation 4.

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