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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the final part of the trilogy about Geralt of Rivia, a medieval researcher and extraterrestrial of supernatural phenomena. The Witcher, a fantastic and gorgeous, exclusive RPG, came for gaming fans on the Computer, Playstation or Xbox.

The magic of Yennefer, the lost love for which you searched for the first two games as Aster Blistok for Himer, the offensive of the Nilfgard empire in the northern kingdoms, which he used in the previous sequel (albeit at the beginning), and the quest for young Cyrillus, Geralt and Yennefer coached together.
passing through the forest monster
The zones in the game are completely open and maximally spacious, giving the game a real open world character. The new mechanics are witcher sense, Geralt’s sixth sense, with hidden traces in the environment, and reminds him of the detective mode from Batman: Arkham.

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Because of the wide areas, there is a possibility of riding, and even a saddle that requires little exercise. Geralt can now jump, climb and skip less obstacles, swim and dive, and the fight is more dynamic and faster, but essentially similar to that of the previous game, with the addition of a single-handed monastery.
The Witcher 3 has this beautiful graphics
In addition to the silver sword for supernatural ears and steel for humans and animals, the fight also actively figurates traditional pseudomotic signs (Igni, Quen, etc.), as well as spikes and oil for the swords that you choose in accordance with the opponents. The game is packed with an optional content that serves the monetary and experiential improvement of our hero.

The most important of course, are contracts with peasants who are suffering from supernatural discomfort. Werewolves, ghosts and other magical creatures, kidnapping and killing livestock, only educated witcher’s can be devoured from this world. Every task on this subject is a real mini-adventure where with a little detective research you’re actually dealing with, then you’re trapped in the traces, to clash with the silver jumble and the silver sword and magic.
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The great optional feature in the game is the Gwent card game, which reminds of the Hearthston version. In the game you will collect, buy and conquer royal cards and enrich your spit depending on the chosen faction.

Graphics on the “Ultra” play, the game simply radiates quality, and violates all the visual admirers’ records that set all open world games ahead of it. As far as qualitative complexity is concerned, The Witcher 3 is quite comparable to GTA V, regardless of differences in concept, theme and tone. And here the world is alive alive, just as the forests are the most realistic and the most colorful virtual forests in the history of video games.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an impressive playable achievement in all the fields and a new qualitative benckmark for fantasy games with open shapes. The real triumph of the mind over matter, which deserves to be played by everyone who loves good and good.

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