The Witness Review

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The Witness Review

The Witness is a research-logical-philosophical, pensive-emotional adventure of first-person perspective, which is primarily a direct homage to the slope of the node-based adventures of antiques, primarily legendary Myst and its sequels (most Riven), as well as some other classics this specific and long-extinct genre (timelapse, Zork Nemesis addresses and the like).

From the start, The Witness is undeniable refreshment in the sea video games that we hump on all sides, the game will, instead, take you deep into the woods (or more precisely, to a desert island), a gentle, but cold embrace, leave you alone and go without looking back. No tutorial, no explanations, no introductory animation or dizzying, and engine-sinematic who watch five minutes before the start of every recent big-budget titles.
Aerial view of the island
The Witness start in a long tunnel leading to the surface in a small, destroyed garden on the mentioned deserted island. Troubleshooting on these screens is a major and recurring element of the gameplay around which the greater part of the game.
The point of each lattice labyrinth on them is connecting start and end point energy trail that player printed on the screen.

Once you find the right solution (or more), the panel will remain lit and activate it with whatever it is connected (second panel, door, something extra around the island). Initially this works (and is) trivial, but the problems are more complex (and linear and nonlinear) as you progress through the game.
the beauty of nature and the house
Thus puzzles of one type are becoming increasingly complex, then become more diverse, that is, you get access to more types of challenges, there comes to combining different types of tasks, with many supporting, aggravating factors such as, for example, broken, hidden or obscured parts of the labyrinth.

When you pass through the energy barrier, the island is spread before you in all its beauty, without a single living creature whom you met along the way, giving you the freedom to take your journey absolutely in any direction without any restrictions. World Witness ruthlessly secretive on any attempts of players to understand where it is, what is happening and what is required of him.
solving puzzles
This at the same time provides bullets emotional and intellectual satisfaction that resound whenever successfully solve some of the puzzles or in the field find a visual-art track. The island itself is fragmented in several logical visual units (forest, wetlands, snow top, desert temple, devastated square, and so on) that are seamlessly integrated into one another.

Here you will find:

Problems and tasks on the panels, as we said, come in several types or combinations. In one case it is only necessary to separate the different color elements, the second single stroke drawn two symmetrical paths that should not be crossed, in the third solution relies on constructing Tetris recognizable form. Due to the nonlinear nature of the movement of the island, the puzzles are not geographically balanced.
Unlock the door by solving puzzles
The most important thing is to always be aware of your surroundings, because the solution of a large number of panels is directly dependent on external factors. The problems are brilliantly designed and is always based on established logic. The Witness has no clear goal that you seek, there are no clear side quests.

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