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thea the awakening free download + patch, trainer
Thea: The Awakening is placed in a world that awakens after a centuries-old magic darkness, the player places the role of one of the deities of the ancient Slovenian pantheon, which needs to regain strength and cure the world through interaction with few survivors. Thea gods are scattered, have the power of former power, but a strong ambition not to go without a fight.

At the beginning, only Svarog is available to you, and during the game you will have the opportunity to unlock Mokos, Zorje, Veles, Moren, Horos, and finally Perun himself. Each party, regardless of whether you’ve won or lost it, strengthens the divinity with which you played, which in the subsequent parties provides different gameplay bonuses depending on the selected cartridge.
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Every start is difficult: you have a single village with a dozen half-horned villagers that you need to deploy on the duties necessary for survival. Each one is born with one or more talents to which his class depends: some collectors, other hunters, third craftsmen, fourth warriors, fifth healers … Since you have no opportunity to build other villages, the key to success is the formation of expeditions that will leave the village’s safety and go into an unknown craze in search of resources.

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Adventure and necessary experience that will help them progress and one day fulfill the sacred task of their deity-patron. Those left in the village must collect food, heat and deal with crafting weapons, armor and magic artifacts, provided you have the necessary resources.
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The most important resource in the game is people because they can extremely easily disappear, occasionally they will give birth to a child who will grow up after the X stroke and get involved in the life and work of the community, and during the adventure you occasionally have the option to recruit, but both situations are very rare. a game in which you will think very carefully about each action, and especially the fight with the magical beasts that go around in the environment.

The central event is directly dependent on the expedition, which you will move in procedural generated terrain in time and fall into various situations. The ghosts of giant bees, the gang of evil dwarfs, will be let down by you, order the demons, Striga, Utopiec and many other creatures. The story of the game is unplugged through a system of micro-avanturistic situations, and the same goes for numerous side-by-side competitions.
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As in FTL, in every situation, you have several normal responses and possibly one or more blue ones, which depend on the abilities and class of family members. The result of these situations is sometimes a prolific loot, and sometimes they end up with a fight or escape option. The fight in the game was done as a card game that resembles Gwent from Witcher 3 to a lesser extent.

Your fighters are randomly divided and approximated as combat and support cards, and you and your opponent randomly agree them to the line that determines the direction of the action in the combat phase. Each card has an attack and defense value that you can reinforce with supporting cards or use them to undermine your enemies: changing the order of attack and defense, throwing confusion, and so on.
download thea the awakening patch + trainer
As long as necessary, the helper in the expedition is a permanent weak link: if in the automatic distribution of the cards before the battle you get in the attack block, you will be considerably weaker in the first battle phase, which due to the character of the game can easily end because in Thei there is no shooting and loading the position. Thea: The Awakening has several possible areas depending on the choices you will make at key moments.

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