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Toukiden: Kiwami is the title that tries to attract players out of the circle of pious devotees of the JRPG. The games are filled with extremely strange characters that swarm around swords, guns and rifles that neither the Hulk could lift. There are also domestic animals that take on the characteristics of heroes.

Toukiden Kiwami is a title that has broken the past and is trying to bring mainstream streams and thus attract players out of the circle of pious devotees of JRPG. It contains everything that fans of this type of game like, but in the sea that allows those who want to experiment in the story.

After the famous Awakening, the terrible creatures from the one side, They devour everything in front of the souls of the fallen fighters for the greater torture and suffering. The player, who is in the role of Slayer, a member of a warrior who is still slow to walk the earth, travels to the Middle Earth to try to defend the village of the last remaining survivors in the shattered sea with the rest of their compatriots.

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Kiwami provides a view from the perspective of a third person, assemblies for issuing simple commands and bundles of weapons, shields, and items. Comes as a direct continuation of the game Toukiden: The Age of Demons, Kiwami brings you into the story momentarily and without any turbulence and misgivings.
boss fight that lasts for 20 minutes
Numerous interviews and major hero talks are synchronized with Japanese language, giving the game an irresistible look and injecting a full dose of authenticity. A simple combat system allows the integration of released souls and weapons as well as their advancement through accumulated experience points and the awards you get as a reward for successfully accomplished tasks.

In addition to mandatory missions, optional tasks are also available. The player’s goal is to count with a special demon, and a special treat is the boss fight that lasts for 20 minutes. Toukiden Kiwami will introduce you to a new world where you will enjoy the missions.

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