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uncharted the nathan drake collection free download
We can freely say that Bluepoint Games not only fulfilled the agreed, but exceeded all expectations. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection has to be in every way, whether you played games on PlayStation 3 or not.

All three games are fully graphically processed not only in terms of raising the operating resolution to 1080p, but also in terms of detail and new textures. The games simply shine and without major problems could go as pure-blooded editions for the PlayStation 4.
uncharted the nathan drake collection play singleplayer
Instead of looking at them as if they were released 4, 6, and 8 years ago Those who did not have the opportunity to play the trilogy on ps3 will now be able to do it . When restoring, Uncharted 2 and 3 were the best ones that looked beautiful and at every step you notice the details that are not in the original version of the game.

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Much has been done that the action slides in full 60 FPS, which additionally raises the atmosphere while playing. It was to be expected that Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune would look worse than all three sequels, but it is not at all far from high standards.
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It seems that this game is the first in the series, but the restorer could not do much. It would take much more time to correct the basic shortcomings of the game that are otherwise removed in sequels. Just one banal thing: Drake is somehow slipping and clumsy and also clumsily jumping and climbing cliffs and platforms.

When the same segment is compared with the other two games of the Collections, it appears that these phenomena are not or have been reduced to a reasonable extent. Interestingly, it was decided to completely remove the multiplayer component from the game, but all customers will be rewarded with a multiplayer Uncharted 4 Beta voucher.
uncharted the nathan drake collection full version download
As far as game modes are concerned, we have already said that the Collection contains only singleplayer campaigns that can be played at six levels of difficulty. Especially interesting is the weight level of Brutal, which is not unlocked in the beginning and represents the ultimate test of the player’s abilities.

In addition, all three Uncharted games can also be played in Continuous Speed Run mode. Here, the goal is to move the game for as short a time as possible, and the time required to cross the checkpoint is also being watched.
uncharted the nathan drake collection free play
All information to the player is displayed on the screen so that at any moment he can see the current and total time, that is, the best result achieved on the section at which he is currently located. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection We recommend you play before trying out Uncharted 4.

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