Undertale Review

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Undertale Review

The Undertale follows the adventures of a little girl who unintentionally falls into a split between worlds of people and monsters. Then the expected hallucinogenic adventure in the world of miracles on the long road to the exit. During his odyssey, the player will meet many colorful characters.

There are various monsters that will attack you, as well as bizarre NPC characters who will give you every little bit of help and assistance, depending on their own personality and agenda. Each opponent in Undertale has specific personalities that allows you to solve conflicts with non-aggressive methods.
undertale first look
The game itself is done in an old-old school style like the first Zelda games, and in terms of graphics and minimalist gameplay, it’s remarkably reminiscent of something that was just made for C-64 computers. Simple site exploration and screen saver is reduced by random fights against generated opponents, leaving behind money and experience behind you, improving your character in the most streamlined way.

What Undertale stands out from the mass of similar achievements relates to the specific relationship that the game plays with the many adversaries you meet. Namely, Toby Fox, at one point, asked why almost every opponent in video games has to be a generic sprite / model that you will only kill and continue on.
fight with boss
In Undertale, all opponents are not only here to make your life more challenging and to be a source of extra experience, items or money, but everyone is adorned by certain individuals whose exploitation can help you fight. A dangerous dog that loves to lick it, jellyfish that loves to dance, a wolf that can not attack you unless you move, creatures with a lack of confidence and the like.

All this allows you to solve conflicts with non-aggressive methods and to opponents, with their magnificence and goodness, kill the desire for further struggle. A classic attack is still possible, and requires quick response in a complex combat model (pressing the button at the optimal moment), and in both cases, after each action, it is necessary to play as successfully as possible an opponent’s attack that comes in the form of a short, primitive video game.
all bosses
Mudrolling the whole thing lies in the fact that the non aggressive method brings only money (without experience), which does not apply to the standard way of fighting. On the other hand, in the end, your actions and moments when you are led by mercy will be evaluated, which depends on certain fights and challenges to the end of the game.

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