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Victor Vran is an action RPG that puts you in the role of a hunted demo who comes to the kingdom of the obscure dark forces. The first RPG action from the Bulgarian independent studio Haemimont Games, which was built in the last three titles from the Tropico series.

Magnificent design decisions that allow any fan of this genre to stay connected to the screen a few dozen hours and, more importantly, give us hope that by further refining this brand will become something truly spectacular.
The game is set in the Gothic fantasy world where a special group of people, demon hunters, runs an infinite struggle against the dark forces, constantly on the verge of using demonic powers in their arsenal.
victor vran download pc version
Victor Vran puts us in the role of the title hero, one of those hunters trying to find Adrian, a missile friend and colleague of the hunter, and the last information you have about him is to head towards the small kingdom called Zagoravia. Before the gates of Zagoravije it becomes clear to you that the city is in the cramps of the forces of darkness.

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Residents have either escaped or dead or transformed into something spooky. After crushing through monstrous spiders and zombies, which serves as a tutorial, you arrive at royal quarters in a castle that work like your base of operations in Zagoravia. Here you will plan to research other available zones, buy and sell equipment.
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Interaction with the characters is natural, and the most ineffective in the story is a narrator whose acid monologues, and occasional dialogues with Victor, most contribute to determining the tone of the game. You can do acrobatic jumps and by solving mini platform challenges, you discover secret zones where you are always waiting for the treasure, or strong opponents who are guaranteed to throw a loot.

Each weapon has one standard and two special cooldown attacks. So the plagues hit the scary, but the glacier slow. From the far side, the equivalents are slender mortar, universal, but short-lived, and our favorite big game, lightning gun, because when you have a lightning rifle gun you do not have the justification to use anything else.
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By gaining levels you unlock slots and points for equipping fate cards, perks in the form of passive bonuses and bets that further change your character’s handling. Want to be melee hard? There is no fright, there is a combo of weapons, odds, runners and cards that make you a tide.

A swinging swordsman who is lying to the attack, a fast arrow firing everything in front of him with lightning and fire, or a hybrid that softens enemies with distance and knocks on them, and fights them with great combat hair, all this is possible if you are experimenting enough with combinations and possibilities. Through special items, even adjusting the level of weight is solved.
victor vran download for ps4
At one point you get five hexes whose activation makes the game more difficult. Hexes speed up opponents, give them stronger armor, regeneration, faster or special attacks, and there is also the option that Viktor spontaneously loses health from time to time. Why would you do this for yourself? In addition to challenges (or masochism), the reason for this is that for each activated hex you get more experience and a better chance of finding better items.

Combination is also present in the research and purification of the zone. Each level you enter has five specific challenges whose solution gives a reward in gold, objects, and experience. Challenges are finding secret zones and eliminating a certain number of enemies under specific conditions.

For the first ten or so hours, Victor Vran is a top-notch party, you may still have to experiment with the heels. Action RPGs may be a simple genre, but making aRPG that you try to return to it for months is not easy.

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