What video games do you like to play

do you like to play strategic games

What video games do you like to play

Do you play war games first person adventure, strategy, puzzle or classic games for relaxation. I remember more than the first contact with a computer I started playing video games, then there was no 3D graphics orĀ stereo sound. Everything was much simpler, not rarely wish to play an old game, no resolution graphics are not important when it is good fun.

The first game I tried was turn-based strategy, well remember the two-dimensional graphics and hexagonal arrays by which ranged figures of military units. My brother and I were entertained for hours while we played alternately, unfortunately no longer can not remember how the game was called? At that time, I have a Pentium 1, 233 MHz processorĀ and 16 MB RAM.

That year appeared “Star Craft”, I was very excited when I bought the CD after installation followed delight. In those days, my brother and I played continuously, we did not sleep at night, while we in turn traversed mission campaign. It is impossible to describe the feelings at that moment, for us, there was no outside world, because we are completely immersed in the universe of Star Craft.

I must say that at the time when we crossed campaign on the computer there was no sound… imagine our joy and delight when we buy a sound card, happiness knew no bounds.

From that day I loved strategy games, like once with friends to play and Battlefield or first love never dies. So I’m of a moment in my life decided to redeem what does this knowledge that I have gained for many years, so I started to write a well-known newspaper and later I moved to work for one of the leading Web site from the world of technology and video games.

My life took me to other continents, wherever I went getting to know different people, culture, exotic destinations no way I could not stop thinking and play video games. Here today I am writing about them, I realized that it was not worth it to resist the urge, but it should accept and use all this knowledge to start your own website.

Write to us in the comments or by email, tell your story or tell what genre do you like? The best story we’ll publish and reward with one steam games.

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