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White Night is a rebellion of the survival horror, but with its own identity, above all in terms of aesthetics and plot. Here’s another game for lovers of the survival horror of old school, White Night is really a fun game.
You are in the role of characters whose poetic-cynical replicas are overwhelmed with the incredibly depressing

history of tragically wounded people whose ghosts now live in the mentioned building. As it is not a color palette of black and white movies, where there are enough colors of this two colors, the game is mostly black and white.
Namely, 99 percent of White Nights is either completely black or whitish. Nor does it have any impact on the camera, which is why the game actually consists of a series of scenes that you see from unusual, movie angles.
White Night is survival horror of old school
Because of this, White Night looks really impressive, which is one of the most important reasons why you want to reach the end. White Night is essentially an adventure with a honeycomb component. Progress is most commonly accomplished by solving simple puzzles. However, the point is not in puzzles, but in constant tensions. To find an ax, you first have to overlook the ghosts that kill you the moment they touch you.

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That’s why you have to move very carefully, which generates the mentioned tension. Once you break through the hiding place, circumventing becomes easy because they are usually static. If you still notice, you have to get away – and that’s the most exciting moments in the game. The game uses cognitively the checkpoints, which do not have much. As you can see, the whole mechanic of White Night has been successfully designed to challenge tension and pleasure.
accomplished by solving simple puzzles
In its best moments, White Night looks like this: Enter the room and search carefully. As you do it, the match disappears, and you have only two of you. You’re trying to get one of them, but she’s gone, leaving you with only the last match. You put the lamp on the table and approach it. By the way, you find a story-line that deepens the story, which makes you happy because you only have three pages left to gather everything.
you first have to overlook
You rotate the lamp to the nearby chassis – an alleluia, next to it is a box of matches. You go in that direction, but you manage to draw attention to the spirit. At the same time, you press ‘Shift’ to activate the run and glimpse the place where you came from. After a few seconds, you come back to the room. Now you know where to pass that spirit does not take you. Take the matches and open the chest, where you can find the board that you need to release on the gramophone on the second floor.

If you love old-fashioned survival horror, ignore a few disadvantages and try the White Night.

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