Widespread DDoS Attack Has PSN in the US

DDoS Attack Has PSN and the Internet Limping
Big scandal in the United States, again attacked the PSN website. The attack was temporarily halted but again repeated during the day. A large number of players have had problems with your accounts on the site. The players are very concerned about what will happen next, DDoS attack of this magnitude is so far never happened. Players had trouble playing games such as Destiny and FIFA 17 on PlayStation Network!

NBC News announced that the Department of Homeland Security is now investigating the attack!

The DNS infrastructure Dyn was the target of the attack, early this morning, distributed denial-of-service, still known as DDoS. DNS servers are what allow the computer to access the web site using the domain name, not IP address.

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Attack were most exposed to the eastern half of the United States, as well as some customers in Europe. The attack was well organized, this organized attack requires a lot of resources and preparation, which leads us to a well-organized hacker group. Among the sites are: The New York Times, Twitter, Soundcloud, Reddit and Spotify.

For now there is no trace that could be traced to the discovery of this attack, the investigation was launched, Notifier you about further developments.

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