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World of Warships is a multiplayer title in which you control a line of warships, cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers from the period 1930 to 1950. At this point, there are only two nations, Americans and Japanese, and are expected to introduce additional nations like the Germans and the British. The gaming system is the same as in World of Tanks or World of Warplanes.

After each game, you get experience and money. To experience unlock modules while buying them for the money. When you unlock most of the modules, you can explore and buy the next ship in a row. All boats are divided by tiers, so it starts with Tier 1 and ends with a Tier 10 ship. Unlike Aircraft, the ships are much more reminiscent of the Tanks, primarily because they take place in two dimensions.
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Matchmaking has experienced the change that most people complained about. During the battles, the difference in the tier was +3, so when you enter the Tier 3 battalion in a party where your opponent is someone who has a Tier 6 cruiser, you have no chance to win it regardless of the level of your skill. Now the difference is in tier +2 so the bets are even more even. Important game releases statistics have recently been released for the game.

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Over 50 percent of the population plays battalion boats, about 35 cruisers, about 10 destroyers, and about 5 percent of aircraft carriers. This distribution equates to the weight of playing. Battle boats are the easiest for beginners because they have the most HP and armor. The cruisers are good in everything, but overall average, and only where it really stands out is PVO. Destroyers are deadly in the hands of an experienced captain, but beginners will have a lot of problems with them, even though their torpedo is murderous.
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Aircraft carriers are a game for themselves, though they might be able to match artillery from WoT, are much more dangerous than the low-moving artillery from WoT. The carriers have a few squadrons of hunters, bomber bomber and torpedonians with whom they can make great damage and completely reverse the course of the fight. Wargaming has seen how strong they are, so now matchmaking is arranged that if there is a bracket in one team, it must be one in the other.
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Japanese carriers are exceptionally strong from Tier 5 to Tier 10, while American are only entertaining at the last two tiers. Also, the great captain can with a single salvo torpedo to flood any enemy ship, and the plane can not disappear, even if you can destroy a squadron. As in real life, the ship’s PVO is not too efficient.
One cruiser needs more than a minute to destroy the entire squadron, unless he takes advantage of a special function when PVO runs ten times more damage in a short interval. After that, follow the period when you can not use this option until the carrier can immediately send a new squadron.
Yamato is the best ship in the game
American cruisers are fairly good from Tier 7 and upwards, hull armor is not competitive, and every hit drastically damages them. Japanese cruisers have little advantages that combine them to make them better than US ships of the same class. In battleships, the Japanese are a little faster and more mobile, with less armor, while the Americans are slower, but have better protection of vital parts. The best American ship is Tier 9 Iowa, which is a fantastic boat in every aspect.

Japanese ship Tier 10 Yamato, the undisputed ruler of the game and definitely the best ship in World of Warships. Destroyers are pretty difficult to play, primarily because of their vulnerability. Japanese ships are a bit more mobile, with a little stronger torpedoes, but also a shorter armor, which the experienced captains do not mind. If you have ships over Tier 8, you have to play with a premium order! World of Warships is a fairly talented game, do not even think about playing if you do not have free time.

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