XCOM 2 Review

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XCOM 2 Review

XCOM 2 continues the story where he left off, humanity is creamed and organization xcom was driven into deep underground after the destruction of the headquarters. The aliens have occupied us for our good, according to their PR agent from collaborating organizations advent “Humanity has stumbled in the eternal cycle of violence”.

Last rest of the organization xcom is not willing to surrender, but take desperate, action release former commander (you!), Which is the last twenty years of occupation spent hibernating in alien research center. Freshly thawed out that xcom commander is not sitting idly, but it is free and adapted massive terrestrial hovercraft turning it to the mobile base of operations (Avenger).

Isolated and without anyone’s support, xcom-members will have to wage a war of liberation, get in contact with the cells of the resistance across the globe and re-launch research and production that will enable them to engage with aliens caught on more or less equal basis.
your soldier customization
Your main task is to prevent the aliens before they complete their apocalyptic project “Avatar”, completed his mission on earth and permanently put an end to its surviving population. For this purpose you will have to fly from continent to continent and come into contact with the resistance which provides the mission and the inflow of resources on a monthly basis.

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Building a communication tower will spend three days, while crawlers zone looking for specific resources or personnel (scientists and engineers) to spend from three to seven, depending on the prize that awaits you at the end. Resistance will occasionally give the tasks you will work off through tactical missions.
global map of the world
Management base, explore new technologies and construction are almost identical as in XCOM-in, but the engineering part of the whole thing suffered significant improvements. Things you can say that now are divided into serial models and prototypes. When you explore the technology of plasma rifles and spend resources to win its production, there will have their unlimited.

Prototypes, on the other hand, in addition to basic and advanced spend resources (Elerium core), seek time for the construction of a single instance, but often represent an elite alternative standard. The most useful prototypes will be extremely expensive armor with exoskeletons, which will, if you are able and economical, near the end of the campaign to equip the entire team.
Sniper in action
Your command team will constantly comment on the situation, remember the past, to shake the identity and various other topics, sucking you into the fantastic staged mile desperate fight with superior enemy where every, even the smallest success of a gift from the heavens.

XCOM 2 is a unique game because the first day after leaving the market for it existed modes, and it is responsible cooperation of the development team with enthusiasts from studies Long War.
Gameplay use grenades
XCOM 2 is the first game that is better than UFO: Afterlight, which is a pretty big deal. It is worth noting that here I am talking about “naked” games and the Long War mode for XCOM still think is best. In the eyes will first get into graphics that is at least twice more beautiful and detailed.

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